August/September On Tap Notes

Happy August, almost September!

Walking around Salem’s downtown recently I found a beautiful leaf on the ground mixed evenly with green and brown. It was a symbol to me that summer, like all seasons, is temporary and transforming to fall. So it’s time to embrace this change, open the tap house and Star studio doors, and welcome you all back to tap! There will be three tap sessions for 2016/17 from September through June. Tap house class will be on Monday afternoons and Star Studio class on Thursday evenings . The schedule is listed below. As always, I am open to add a private, semi private, or group class to your liking if schedules allow.

I’m having the best summer taking Irish, tap, and yoga classes and watching So You Think You Can Dance Next Generation. The talent absolutely takes my breath away, especially since tap has been given a lot of attention. (See you tube clips attached) . Stepping into student mode I appreciate how much more there is to tap than the steps. This art form is one to feel inside and out , becoming your own musical instrument with all its challenges and joys. I hope you have all been engaging your rhythmic soul with joy in all you have been doing this summer!

Without further ado here are your On Tap notes for August and September:

1) *Registration now being taken for all sessions :

Session 1: September 12- November 28 (no class on Monday, October 3).

Session 2: January 16- March 30

Session 3: April 3- June 22 ( no class Thursday, May 11)

Mondays: 4:30pm at the Tap House (4145 Andrea Dr. NW)
Thursdays: 6:00 pm at Star Studio (corner of commercial and Hoyt)
$165.00 for each session
$16.00 drop in

There may be workshops along the way. Workshops will be included with tuition and drop ins allowed at drop in price.

*Custom private and semi private session times are available upon request.
Email me to confirm enrollment at or text or call me at 503-930-9333

2) Tappy September birthday to Sheri Leipzig and Susie Bodman! And to our summer birthday ladies Camille Decker and Emily Vetter. Let’s get together with our taps on for your birthday dance!

3) Here are links to see Emma and Gabby perform on So You Think You Can Dance, Next Generation. Watch and listen. The commentary is there too. Amazing.

That’s all for now. All classes are subject to enrollment . A minimum of 4 students is required for each class. Enjoy the rest of the summer!!

Yours in tap,

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