July Newsletter

On Tap July notes:yes, On Tap is on vacation from regular scheduled classes but, as promised, there is one workshop scheduled now for you all! Here it is. Please RSVP  ASAP. 🙂  

On Tap presents: a Summer Dance Workshop:

Irish Sean-nos dancing

with dance champ Nora Sherwood

Thursday, July 14   6:00-7:00pm

Don’t worry if you don’t know what sean-nos is, you’ll learn !  If you enjoy tap and “Irish dance”, you’ll love it.

Bring your tap shoes if you have them, your Irish hard shoes if you have those, or your feet in socks works just fine too!

We’ll have tons of fun learning this social style of percussive, low to the ground,  irish dance style.

Irish dance champ and musician, Nora Sherwood recently moved to the Oregon coast from Colorado, where she competed and taught for the Bennett School of Irish Dance. From céili to sean-nós and set to step, she enjoys sharing her love of Irish dance and the lively music that accompanies it.

Cost:  *$15.00    

*Register by Monday, July 13         

8 dancer minimum to run this class

Drop ins welcome  $18.00

For more information: stacey@ontapdancing.com or 503-930-9333

2) Also coming our way ..Wednesday, August 31 at Main Street Park, Monmouth

                                                          The Celtic musical group Coming Up Threes

                                                      at Main Street Park Amphitheater. 6:30-8:30pm

Who would like to carpool???!!!

3) Happy July birthday to Emily Vetter ! I hope it is the tappiest yet! We will celebrate with the birthday dance when you next return to On Tap. Thinking about you on your special day!!

4) I hope you are all watching So You Think You Can Dance, Next Generation,  on Monday nights. Gabby has a  Tap Team! Pretty amazing talent and wonderful that tap dance is being recognized.

That’s all the news for now. Looking forward to seeing you all with Nora on Thursday the 14th!

Yours in tap,


Save the Date!


“Doing The New Lowdown!”

Tap Dance Master Class with Nancy Traina

Featuring the choreography of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson

 Monday, August 19th, 2:30 – 4:00pm

 1795 Broadway, Salem


Considered the Godfather of tap dance, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson brought tap from flat footed dancing to swinging up on the toes. He is best known for dancing with Shirley Temple and his famous stair dance from the musical revue “ Blackbirds of 1928”.“Doin the New Lowdown “ is a classic for tap dancers around the world. Nancy will teach an original version of the dance, a three chorus routine as performed by Honi Coles and Cholly Atkins on “Camera Three”.

On Tap Notes – July 2013

Happy July Tappers! The heat wave has started as have our summer lessons. Please take note of the notes below to add some summer sizzle to your tappy life!

I hope to see many of you at the World Beat Festival tomorrow (Saturday). The Claddagh Dancers will be performing at 2:30 on the European stage! The stage is along the Riverfront. I wish you all a wonderful 4th of July!!

 On Tap Notes – July 2013

1.Summer Class time changes:

  • Monday Beginning Tap is now at 3:30 pm.
  •  Monday Intermediate Tap is now at 2:30 pm
  •  Celtic Kids Irish Dance is now at 5 pm Mondays at the Tap House in West Salem. The Irish Tea Party will be Monday July 15th so Hallidae and Evie can be there. This class will run through July 22nd.

2. The next On Tap show is Saturday July 20th at the Bonaventure Retirement Residence in South Salem at 2:00 pm. All students are encouraged to perform! It will have a similar format to our Showcase.

3. Happy Tappy July birthday to Emily Vetter and Evie Hoppe! We’ll be doing the birthday dance Monday!!

4. Vancouver Tap Dance Festival Registrations have been submitted. If anyone else wants to join us please visit their website at www.vantapdance.com. Attending the festival are Sheri Leipzig, Danica Andresen, Emily Vetter, and myself. 🙂

5. SAVE THE DATE: Friday, August 16th, Master Class with Nancy Traina at 4:00 pm. Nancy will come to our Salem studio and teach Bill Bojangles Robinson choreography. I saw this dance at her show in Corvallis. It’s great! This will be our only class in August. The fee is $20.00 for a 90 minute class.

That’s all the notes for now!

Yours in tap,