August/September On Tap Notes

Happy August, almost September!

Walking around Salem’s downtown recently I found a beautiful leaf on the ground mixed evenly with green and brown. It was a symbol to me that summer, like all seasons, is temporary and transforming to fall. So it’s time to embrace this change, open the tap house and Star studio doors, and welcome you all back to tap! There will be three tap sessions for 2016/17 from September through June. Tap house class will be on Monday afternoons and Star Studio class on Thursday evenings . The schedule is listed below. As always, I am open to add a private, semi private, or group class to your liking if schedules allow.

I’m having the best summer taking Irish, tap, and yoga classes and watching So You Think You Can Dance Next Generation. The talent absolutely takes my breath away, especially since tap has been given a lot of attention. (See you tube clips attached) . Stepping into student mode I appreciate how much more there is to tap than the steps. This art form is one to feel inside and out , becoming your own musical instrument with all its challenges and joys. I hope you have all been engaging your rhythmic soul with joy in all you have been doing this summer!

Without further ado here are your On Tap notes for August and September:

1) *Registration now being taken for all sessions :

Session 1: September 12- November 28 (no class on Monday, October 3).

Session 2: January 16- March 30

Session 3: April 3- June 22 ( no class Thursday, May 11)

Mondays: 4:30pm at the Tap House (4145 Andrea Dr. NW)
Thursdays: 6:00 pm at Star Studio (corner of commercial and Hoyt)
$165.00 for each session
$16.00 drop in

There may be workshops along the way. Workshops will be included with tuition and drop ins allowed at drop in price.

*Custom private and semi private session times are available upon request.
Email me to confirm enrollment at or text or call me at 503-930-9333

2) Tappy September birthday to Sheri Leipzig and Susie Bodman! And to our summer birthday ladies Camille Decker and Emily Vetter. Let’s get together with our taps on for your birthday dance!

3) Here are links to see Emma and Gabby perform on So You Think You Can Dance, Next Generation. Watch and listen. The commentary is there too. Amazing.

That’s all for now. All classes are subject to enrollment . A minimum of 4 students is required for each class. Enjoy the rest of the summer!!

Yours in tap,

July Newsletter

On Tap July notes:yes, On Tap is on vacation from regular scheduled classes but, as promised, there is one workshop scheduled now for you all! Here it is. Please RSVP  ASAP. 🙂  

On Tap presents: a Summer Dance Workshop:

Irish Sean-nos dancing

with dance champ Nora Sherwood

Thursday, July 14   6:00-7:00pm

Don’t worry if you don’t know what sean-nos is, you’ll learn !  If you enjoy tap and “Irish dance”, you’ll love it.

Bring your tap shoes if you have them, your Irish hard shoes if you have those, or your feet in socks works just fine too!

We’ll have tons of fun learning this social style of percussive, low to the ground,  irish dance style.

Irish dance champ and musician, Nora Sherwood recently moved to the Oregon coast from Colorado, where she competed and taught for the Bennett School of Irish Dance. From céili to sean-nós and set to step, she enjoys sharing her love of Irish dance and the lively music that accompanies it.

Cost:  *$15.00    

*Register by Monday, July 13         

8 dancer minimum to run this class

Drop ins welcome  $18.00

For more information: or 503-930-9333

2) Also coming our way ..Wednesday, August 31 at Main Street Park, Monmouth

                                                          The Celtic musical group Coming Up Threes

                                                      at Main Street Park Amphitheater. 6:30-8:30pm

Who would like to carpool???!!!

3) Happy July birthday to Emily Vetter ! I hope it is the tappiest yet! We will celebrate with the birthday dance when you next return to On Tap. Thinking about you on your special day!!

4) I hope you are all watching So You Think You Can Dance, Next Generation,  on Monday nights. Gabby has a  Tap Team! Pretty amazing talent and wonderful that tap dance is being recognized.

That’s all the news for now. Looking forward to seeing you all with Nora on Thursday the 14th!

Yours in tap,


January 2016

I’m sitting in the Maui airport knowing the flip flops will soon be history along with all the warm memories of tapping with Becky in Kula, practicing yoga and pilates on a paddle board with our daughter Ariana ,doing the Hanukkah dance with family and friends, watching a rare full Christmas moon rise and set over the ocean, attending  mele kelikimaka (merry Christmas in Hawaiian) concerts with beautiful modern hula dancing and being able to wrap my arms around our daughter , the best gift of all. I look forward to re-connecting with all of you as we embrace a new year creating warmth, rhythm, strong bodies and minds . Like Dick Van Dyke said at his 90th birthday this month, “the secret to a long happy life is to always have fun!” Here is the “Lets have fun” On Tap 2016 winter/spring sessions information:

Winter session: January 4 – February 16    Seven weeks. $105.00

Spring session: March 14- April 26.  $105.00

Spring/Summer session:  May 2-June 14  $105.00

All classes at theTap House -4145 Andrea Dr. NW ,* unless otherwise noted

Mondays: 2:30-3:25  Beginning

                 4:30-5:25  Intermediate

Tuesdays. 4:30 -5:25 intermediate

*New class:  Thursdays: 6-7pm  mixed level

         * minimum 4 dancer enrollment required to start this class.

            This class will be at 2290 commercial St. SE

Pilates/yoga sessions also available at the tap house and in home studio.

Mat Pilates and/or yoga :$ 30.00 /50 minute session

Pilates studio training (using Pilates apparatuses-reformer,Wanda chair,Cadillac )     $60.00 per 60 minute session

Registration forms will be available at the first session. Wishing you all a full of fun New Year! Please call or email me any time with questions.

Happy Tappy January birthday to Talia Ruehr and Marie Cunningham ! We will get 2016 off to a sweet start doing the Tappy birthday dance in their honor.

Yours in tap and to the core,


On Tap 2015 – September 2015


LoveThe seasons they go round and round. And tap dance classes may soon be found. I hope you are all enjoying the “hot finish” to summer. There have been a few changes at “On Tap” that I’d like to share. The Broadway dance space is no longer available on Monday nights. Tuesday it is available at 8pm. So…. I am going to be offering two options for the fall and see which you all would like. Here goes!

Option 1:

Tuesday 8pm Multi level tap dance at 1795 Broadway St.

Option 2: (select one or more)

Monday 3:00 pm Beginning tap at The Tap House in West Salem
4:15 pm Irish and tap dance at the Tap House in West Salem
5:15pm Intermediate Tap dance at the Tap House in West Salem

Session dates will be September 21 to December 1
12 classes $180.00

Please let me know which option(s) you prefer and would like to register for ASAP.

Tappy Birthday to Sheri Leipzig! Sheri has broadened her dancing talents as a member of the Skylark Tappers in Portland. Kudos to her on her hard work and dedication to tap dance. It’s wonderful when she has time to come to Salem and dance with us as well!!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon. If you have any music requests please send that my way too. Thank you to Robbin Porter for all the great you-tube links. Enjoy the rest of August and start of September!!

Yours in tap,

July On Tap Notes

Happy July Tappers!
Hope you are enjoying your break but still “breaking the wood” a little with your taps. Monday afternoons I’m in the Tap House in West Salem if anyone wants to come jam. Dori, Marie, and Robbin have been creating some great rhythms together. It’s been a hot summer so far which is great for dancing!
Here are your July On Tap Notes:  
1) Check out our Facebook page (Stacey Brown’s On Tap) to see photos from the On Tap Showcase.  :
Thank you to Sarah Hoggatt for taking these wonderful shots of all you “hot shots”.
2)Attached to these tap notes is a letter from the Society for NeuroOncology in Houston Texas where we sent the root beer float donations from our Showcase. Thank you to all who donated to this worthy cause in memory of Bailey Santana. Also attached is an article Dori Nelson gave me I wanted to share with everyone about Tony Danza. Thanks Dori!
3)Happy July birthday to Emily Vetter and Evie Hoppe! I hope it is the tappiest yet! We will celebrate with the birthday dance when you next return to On Tap. Thinking about you on your special day!!
4)I hope you are all watching So You Think You Can Dance on Monday nights. There are some tap dancers auditioning.
5) Here are some videos to watch and enjoy and maybe try out some of the steps.

6) Pentacle Theater here in Salem is presenting Chicago July 10 to August 1. This show was originally staged by Bob Fosse so you wont want to miss the choreography! (The star of this show, Kelly Swanson Jaecks,  used to Irish dance with me. She’s terrific!)

7) The musical Hair is coming to Enlightened Theatrics in Salem. Weds-Sun  July 29-August 16. 7:30pm evenings, 2:30pm Sunday matinees.  Salem’s Historic Grand Theatre   191 High St.

8) Riverdance is coming to the Keller Auditorium in Portland November 20 – November 22, 2015. If you want to go as a group to this show I am purchasing some tickets for Saturday November 21. Seven people so far have expressed interest so please let me know right away if you want to get tickets. I need to purchase 10 tickets for a group rate and am waiting for response from the ticket office about pricing.

That’s all for now. Happy 4th of July! 

Yours in tap,


On Tap Notes – June 2015

On Tap Recital 2015 001Happy post National Tap Dance Day and Happy June Tappers!
Thank you to you all for the best National Tap Dance day ever. Our performance in Portland and the 10th annual On Tap Showcase both went very smoothly thanks to alot of dedicated dancers and their supportive families and friends. Thank you to all who came to celebrate Bill Robinson’s birthday, Bailey Santana, Ophelia Ament, and Gregory Hines’ memory, and experience dancing “between the raindrops”. Special thank yous to Sheri Leipzig for her help setting up and putting away “all things showcase”, to Diane Jaffee for attending to raffle ticket sales, to Sarah Hoggatt for photographing this event, and to Ricki Decker for helping make root beer floats. I hope you all had alot of fun!
Hard to believe it’s already June and time to set summer in motion. So, without further ado, here are your June On Tap Notes:
1) We have one more show this coming weekend at The Arbor at Avamere Court at 450 Claggett N. in Keizer. Please note there will be a rehearsal at 7:30pm tomorrow night (Monday) at our studio for all those planning to dance on Saturday June 6. Call time for the show is 1:15pm Saturday with the show running from 2-2:30pm. Dancers will need costumes for the following dances. (Same costumes as the Showcase):
                      1) Bojangles (Sheri, Danica, Emily)
                      2)Swingin the Blues (Sheri and Danica)
                      3) One
                      4) Singin in the Rain
                      5) Shim Sham shimmy-  Tap Between the Raindrops t-shirt is fine for this one
2) Monday class in the tap house in West Salem will continue at 2:30pm for the month of June
3) If you would like to schedule a summer session please let me know. Private and semi private classes for up to 4 people are available in the Tap House all summer by appointment.
4) Master Class June 19,20,21 with Linda Sohl-Ellison and Monti Ellison from Rhapsody in Taps . Please see attached information about this  wonderful tap dance opportunity . I have participated in this workshop before and really enjoyed it.
That’s all for now! I’ll keep you posted about any other tap dance workshops when they surface. Until then, happy June! 
Yours in tap,

On Tap Notes – May 2015

Dear Tappers,

Happy May! As our spring term comes to a close we celebrate and participate in the most important tap dance events of the year: National Tap Dance Day AND our 10th Annual Showcase party on May 25th . We also have the bonus of celebrating on Saturday May 23rd with Dancers Corner in Portland with tap classes and a SHOW performance. I’ll be teaching an Irish tap class at 3pm that day and we will all perform that night.

Please Pin these May/June dates to your calendar:

 Tap Classes on May 23rd  12-5pm at Grand Finale Dance Studio, 875 Portland Ave.,

                                                                                    Gladstone, Oregon

 *“Reverse It” Portland Showcase, May 23rd   7:30pm  19600 Mollala Ave, Oregon City

 **“Tap Between the Raindrops”On Tap 10th Annual Showcase , Monday, May 25  8pm  

                                                                          1795 Broadway, Salem,Oregon

***“Tap and Irish Fusion Show” at The Arbor at Avamere Court ,Saturday June 6  2pm

                                                                         5210 River Road N, Keizer, Oregon

More details below in your May 2015 On Tap Notes!

“In recognition of Tap History and Bill Robinson’s Birthday, Dancer’s Corner is honored to sponsor PDX National Tap Dance Day on May 23rd and continue to share the legacy. We are excited to offer 5 hours of classes (15 different classes to choose from) from noon to 5pm at Grande Finale Dance Studio. Our community will continue the celebration with our exciting NTDD Showcase featuring Oregon Tap Dance Artists at Clackamas Communtiy College, Gregory Forum building at 7:30PM. Tap artists confirmed to be teaching at the Workshop include Aaron Wheeler Kay, Stacey Brown, Erin Lee, Nancy Traina, Judy Tibbles, Molly Kaleikilo, and Karida Griffith!*1) Satuday May 23 Tap classes and Show in Portland..Here is their email:

We have created a suggested class syllabus for each level of Tap to make your choices easier. These are just a suggestion, however, feel free to jump into any class that you would like to take.
“Success in the Industry” are our suggested classes for Advanced levels.
“Pathway to Success” are our suggested classes for Intermediate levels.
“Shake it Up” are our elective classes that you can mix in to customize your Tap experience. These classes will vary in levels depending on the class and is posted on each class on the schedule.
*Make sure you check out our Audition Class! Tappers will go through an audition process and the group of dancers that are chosen from this class will be performing the piece at the Showcase!

Workshop tickets (which includes a Showcase ticket): $25 – Please print email confirmation of purchase for Workshop entry and Showcase ticket redemption.
Showcase only Tickets: $10
*FREE ADULT CLASSES. We are excited to offer 2 free adult classes in our workshop! Please send the word out to all adult Tappers of the great benefit this year

Tickets are available now online.all dancers are required to purchase a ticket. They either can purchase the $25 Full day ticket for classes an the show or the Showcase only ticket, $10 (presale) or $12 (door price). The dancers will be able to watch the performance as well as perform.


 PDX National Tap Dance Day

“Choose Your Pathway”

MAY 23, 2015












































**2.The “On Tap” 10th Annual Showcase “Tap Between the Raindrops” is Monday, May 25th at our studio on Broadway at 8pm.  Practice and set up are at 7:30pm. Showtime is 8pm

Volunteers are needed for serving root beer floats, set up, and clean up.

Purchase of the “Tap Between the Raindrops” T-shirt at $25.00 provides admittance for your entire family. The Showcase is FREE with donations to brain cancer research encouraged with every root beer float. The Root Beer float tradition continues in memory of our “tap angel” Bailey Santana.  This is our annual party so come with your smiles on and ready to have fun!

costumes for showcase:

1)    ONE:   red sequence vest, red sequence top hat, black long pants

If you donot have these items already PLEASE EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY. If you have these items and are NOT dancing in the showcase please let me know if you would be willing to loan them to a dancer. That would be greatly appreciated!

2)    Irish Brush Dance:  green tops, black pants, and irish hats (I have the hats)

3)    Singin in the Rain:  Showcase T-shirts “Tap Between the Raindrops”   $25.00ea.

4)    Shim Sham Shimmy: Showcase T-Shirts

5)    Want to perform another dance from another term? Let me know and we’ll add it into the mix!

***3) Tap dance show for the Arbor at Avamere Court Saturday June 6 at 2pm in Keizer , Oregon.  Rehearsal Class Monday June 1, 7:30pm at our studio for the Avamere show. All dancers in that show must attend this rehearsal.

4) Happy Tappy May birthday to Wendy Ulmer! We look forward to seeing you at the Arbor!  Thank you to Sheri for the delicious and pretty red velvet cupcakes for my birthday and for all the facebook well wishes! Your kindness is greatly appreciated!

That’s all folks! Thank you for reading through all these updates! Please email or call me with any questions.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain

Yours in tap,