July Newsletter

On Tap July notes:yes, On Tap is on vacation from regular scheduled classes but, as promised, there is one workshop scheduled now for you all! Here it is. Please RSVP  ASAP. 🙂  

On Tap presents: a Summer Dance Workshop:

Irish Sean-nos dancing

with dance champ Nora Sherwood

Thursday, July 14   6:00-7:00pm

Don’t worry if you don’t know what sean-nos is, you’ll learn !  If you enjoy tap and “Irish dance”, you’ll love it.

Bring your tap shoes if you have them, your Irish hard shoes if you have those, or your feet in socks works just fine too!

We’ll have tons of fun learning this social style of percussive, low to the ground,  irish dance style.

Irish dance champ and musician, Nora Sherwood recently moved to the Oregon coast from Colorado, where she competed and taught for the Bennett School of Irish Dance. From céili to sean-nós and set to step, she enjoys sharing her love of Irish dance and the lively music that accompanies it.

Cost:  *$15.00    

*Register by Monday, July 13         

8 dancer minimum to run this class

Drop ins welcome  $18.00

For more information: stacey@ontapdancing.com or 503-930-9333

2) Also coming our way ..Wednesday, August 31 at Main Street Park, Monmouth

                                                          The Celtic musical group Coming Up Threes

                                                      at Main Street Park Amphitheater. 6:30-8:30pm

Who would like to carpool???!!!

3) Happy July birthday to Emily Vetter ! I hope it is the tappiest yet! We will celebrate with the birthday dance when you next return to On Tap. Thinking about you on your special day!!

4) I hope you are all watching So You Think You Can Dance, Next Generation,  on Monday nights. Gabby has a  Tap Team! Pretty amazing talent and wonderful that tap dance is being recognized.

That’s all the news for now. Looking forward to seeing you all with Nora on Thursday the 14th!

Yours in tap,


May 2016 Newsletter


Happy May ! I’ve just returned from a very emotion filled, wonderful
Honor Flight to Washington DC with 26 World War II , Korean War, and Vietnam
veterans. My father in law Bernard Brown was one of the veterans treated to
this trip where police escort ,clapping, hugging, hand shaking, and much
respect and appreciation were so deservedly bestowed to these brave men and
women through the airports, bus rides to many war memorials and museums in
DC, and upon arrival home to Portland.( Bernard served in Italy, France, and
Germany during WWII. ) After visiting the WWII, Korean,and Vietnam war
memorials there was a children’s choir singing and dancing in front to the
Lincoln memorial. With the rhythm and the beat Bernard started dancing and
called out a 5,6,7,8- lets dance! And dance we did! At the bottom of the
steps. At the top of the steps. Dancing brought smiles, light, and joy to a
pretty emotional day of remembrance of really horrific times in our history
and recognizing with love and respect our American heroes that fought so we
can be free . I’m so happy that at age 92 my Pop and I can still dance

Speaking of dancing together the current tap session will continue
until Thursday May 19. And this Thursday night is a SPECIAL TAP CLASS FOR
ALL at 6pm with Brooke and Abby. Please let me know if you are coming.
The next tap session will be June 6 to July 21with classes on Mondays
at 4:30 in the tap house and Thursdays at 6pm above Star studio. Private and
semi private classes are always available by appointment. Here are your on
tap notes for May with many Save the Dates!:

1. Thursday, May 5 -6pm. SPECIAL TAP WORKSHOP with Brooke and Abby from
Willamette University at the upstairs Star studio. $15.00 drop in and
included in current tuition.

2. Current On Tap session will conclude on Thursday May 19 . New 8 week
session begins Monday June 6 through July 21. Mondays at 4:30 at the Tap
House and Thursdays at 6pm at Star studio. There must be 4 dancers signed up
to run a group class. Tuition is $120.00

3. Saturday May 28 is National Tap Dance Day with special tap classes at
Dancers Corner, 875 Portland Ave, Galdstone, Oregon. 7 hours of classes from
10am-5pm. *Details are below. I am teaching “Irish Tap” at 4pm at this
event. The Tap Dance show is at 7:30 pm that night at Camp Withycaombe
National Guard Armory in Clackamas, Oregon. Let me know if you want to
carpool to this event. It was alot of fun last year.

4. Friday, June 24 at 1:30pm …Save the date for our show at Avamere
Retirement in Keizer. We will be performing Stepping Out, Leon Collins #53,
and Witchcraft in collaboration with the Claddagh Irish Dancers.

5. Saturday, June 25 at 3pm.. Save the date for World Beat Festival show on
the European Stepping Stage! We will performing Stepping Out ,Leon Collins
#53 and Witchcraft in this show., again in collaboration with the Claddagh

6. Happy Tappy May birthday to Wendy Ulmer and me! May it be your tappiest
yet Wendy!

7. And Happy first Mother’s Day to Danica Galindo and Happy Mothers Day to
all moms everywhere!

That’s all for now! Hoping to see you all this Thursday night for extra
special fun with Brooke and Abby!

Yours in tap ,

Here is National Tap Dance Day information:

Calling ALL Tappers! All ages, all levels, all styles!

Come join us for Portland’s National Tap Dance Day 2016 Celebration!

For recognition of Tap History and Bill Robinson’s Birthday, Dancer’s Corner
is honored to sponsor PDX National Tap Dance Day for third year, on May
28th. We are excited to offer 7 hours of classes (up to 21 different classes
to choose from) from 10am to 5pm at Grande Finale Dance Studio. Our
community will continue the celebration with our exciting NTDD Showcase
featuring Oregon Tap Dance Artists at Camp Withycombe National Guard Armory
10101 SE Clackamas Road, Clackamas, OR, at 7:30pm.

In honor of Tap History and Bill Robinson’s Birthday,

We have created a suggested class syllabus for each level of Tap to make
your choices easier. These are just a suggestion, however. Feel free to jump
into any class that you would like to take.
“Lewis and Clark Trail” are our suggested classes for Advanced levels.
“Old Oregon Trail” are our suggested classes for Intermediate levels.
“Applegate Trail” are our elective classes that you can mix in to customize
your Tap experience. These classes will vary in levels depending on the
class and is posted on each class on the schedule.

*Make sure you check out our Audition Class! Tappers will go through an
audition process and the group of dancers that are chosen from this class
will be performing the piece at the Showcase!

Workshop tickets (which includes a Showcase ticket): $25 PRE-SALE price –
Please print email confirmation of purchase for Workshop entry and Showcase
ticket redemption.
Showcase only Tickets: $10 PRE-SALE price
*FREE ADULT CLASSES. We are excited to offer 2 free adult classes in our
workshop! Please send the word out to all adult Tappers of the great benefit
this year. Please see attached schedule. *more classes to be added!

*PRE-SALE will last until April 30th. After costs will be as followed:
Workshop tickets (including a showcase ticket): $35
Showcase Only tickets: $13

We still have a few spots available in our Showcase for Tap Solo artists,
Duos, Trios or Groups. Please contact us ASAP to secure a spot.

Click the following Paypal Links to make your purchase:

Workshop/Showcase – $25
Showcase only – $10

Sincerely, Shannon and Lisa

November 2014

Halloween 2014Happy November from the Pumpkin Percussionists!

As you can see from the photo above November is a happy month so far. We’ve spent some time with tap vocabulary, writing the steps on our pumpkins, practicing them in our minds, with our hands, and ultimately with our feet. This is the official month of gratefulness and thanks. So I’m making it ”tappingly clear” that I am GRATEFUL and THANKFUL to have each and every one of you in the rhythm of my life. YOU are what makes this world a tappy place and I THANK YOU  for sharing your positive energy and joy of tap dance with me. Here are your notes for this month:

1) The week of Thanksgiving the Thursday night tap class will be on Monday, November 24th at 7:30pm

2) I encourage you all to attend:  “Veracity: a Dance Concert” Nov. 13-22 at M. Lee Pelton Theatre, Willamette University, 900 State St. (see more details below)

3) Happy November birthday to Sarah Hoggatt! So happy your feet have landed back on earth into your tap shoes..(at least when you take breaks from your aerial art life!) Thank you for keeping our On Tap Website updated.  You are so creative and generous. We will be doing the birthday dance in class this week!

4) The current class term will continue until Thursday, December 4. Classes will resume Monday January 12 at 7:45pm based on enrollment. I would like to bring the class back to Monday. Please let me know if this is a problem for you. Please also let me know if you will be enrolling for the Winter tap session. Dates are January 12 to March 16.  ($150.00)  Spring session will be April 6 to May 25 ($120.00)

That’s all for now! Happy Thanksgiving!

Yours in tap,

Class IS Being Held on Monday, February 10th!

Snowier Tap House Snowiest Tap House

Updates from the Tap House

Well, as you can see the tap house is quickly being engulfed by the winter wonderland. It’s a lot of fun to do step, brush, hops in this stuff! I hope you are all having fun playing in the snow and staying safe.

This week we will be doing the birthday dance for Sara Jaffe and Danica Andresen. Sara and Gregory Hines share the same birthday!!!( I apologize for not mentioning this in the February On Tap Notes. ) So get your big hearts ready for some time stepping and wishes come true!

I look forward to hearing you on the dance floor tonight and to the stairs thawing out!

Have a wonderful wonderland weekend everyone!!!

Yours in tap,

Save the Date!


“Doing The New Lowdown!”

Tap Dance Master Class with Nancy Traina

Featuring the choreography of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson

 Monday, August 19th, 2:30 – 4:00pm

 1795 Broadway, Salem


Considered the Godfather of tap dance, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson brought tap from flat footed dancing to swinging up on the toes. He is best known for dancing with Shirley Temple and his famous stair dance from the musical revue “ Blackbirds of 1928”.“Doin the New Lowdown “ is a classic for tap dancers around the world. Nancy will teach an original version of the dance, a three chorus routine as performed by Honi Coles and Cholly Atkins on “Camera Three”.