Please wear jazz or yoga pants,tank top or t-shirt, and tap shoes. No long skirts or jeans.

Class fees are based on the length of the class and weeks in the session. Each class lasts one hour . Payment is due at the start of the session. Drop-ins are welcome for $12.00 a class. Checks should be made out to Stacey Brown.

It is important to attend classes regularly to avoid missing new material. Just as important is to be on time for class and to participate in the warm-up. Being late disrupts the class and teacher and occasionally allows for missed information or announcements. Private lessons are available at $25.00 for 45 minutes. Semi-private are available at $25.00 for 45 minutes with $10.00 more for each additional dancer.

Classes are located at 1795 Broadway St NE Salem, OR 97301.