January 2016

I’m sitting in the Maui airport knowing the flip flops will soon be history along with all the warm memories of tapping with Becky in Kula, practicing yoga and pilates on a paddle board with our daughter Ariana ,doing the Hanukkah dance with family and friends, watching a rare full Christmas moon rise and set over the ocean, attending  mele kelikimaka (merry Christmas in Hawaiian) concerts with beautiful modern hula dancing and being able to wrap my arms around our daughter , the best gift of all. I look forward to re-connecting with all of you as we embrace a new year creating warmth, rhythm, strong bodies and minds . Like Dick Van Dyke said at his 90th birthday this month, “the secret to a long happy life is to always have fun!” Here is the “Lets have fun” On Tap 2016 winter/spring sessions information:

Winter session: January 4 – February 16    Seven weeks. $105.00

Spring session: March 14- April 26.  $105.00

Spring/Summer session:  May 2-June 14  $105.00

All classes at theTap House -4145 Andrea Dr. NW ,* unless otherwise noted

Mondays: 2:30-3:25  Beginning

                 4:30-5:25  Intermediate

Tuesdays. 4:30 -5:25 intermediate

*New class:  Thursdays: 6-7pm  mixed level

         * minimum 4 dancer enrollment required to start this class.

            This class will be at 2290 commercial St. SE

Pilates/yoga sessions also available at the tap house and in home studio.

Mat Pilates and/or yoga :$ 30.00 /50 minute session

Pilates studio training (using Pilates apparatuses-reformer,Wanda chair,Cadillac )     $60.00 per 60 minute session

Registration forms will be available at the first session. Wishing you all a full of fun New Year! Please call or email me any time with questions.

Happy Tappy January birthday to Talia Ruehr and Marie Cunningham ! We will get 2016 off to a sweet start doing the Tappy birthday dance in their honor.

Yours in tap and to the core,


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