On Tap Notes – June 2015

On Tap Recital 2015 001Happy post National Tap Dance Day and Happy June Tappers!
Thank you to you all for the best National Tap Dance day ever. Our performance in Portland and the 10th annual On Tap Showcase both went very smoothly thanks to alot of dedicated dancers and their supportive families and friends. Thank you to all who came to celebrate Bill Robinson’s birthday, Bailey Santana, Ophelia Ament, and Gregory Hines’ memory, and experience dancing “between the raindrops”. Special thank yous to Sheri Leipzig for her help setting up and putting away “all things showcase”, to Diane Jaffee for attending to raffle ticket sales, to Sarah Hoggatt for photographing this event, and to Ricki Decker for helping make root beer floats. I hope you all had alot of fun!
Hard to believe it’s already June and time to set summer in motion. So, without further ado, here are your June On Tap Notes:
1) We have one more show this coming weekend at The Arbor at Avamere Court at 450 Claggett N. in Keizer. Please note there will be a rehearsal at 7:30pm tomorrow night (Monday) at our studio for all those planning to dance on Saturday June 6. Call time for the show is 1:15pm Saturday with the show running from 2-2:30pm. Dancers will need costumes for the following dances. (Same costumes as the Showcase):
                      1) Bojangles (Sheri, Danica, Emily)
                      2)Swingin the Blues (Sheri and Danica)
                      3) One
                      4) Singin in the Rain
                      5) Shim Sham shimmy-  Tap Between the Raindrops t-shirt is fine for this one
2) Monday class in the tap house in West Salem will continue at 2:30pm for the month of June
3) If you would like to schedule a summer session please let me know. Private and semi private classes for up to 4 people are available in the Tap House all summer by appointment.
4) Master Class June 19,20,21 with Linda Sohl-Ellison and Monti Ellison from Rhapsody in Taps . Please see attached information about this  wonderful tap dance opportunity . I have participated in this workshop before and really enjoyed it.
That’s all for now! I’ll keep you posted about any other tap dance workshops when they surface. Until then, happy June! 
Yours in tap,

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